Sunday, February 22, 2015


I've been a Revolutionary all my life. As a Child I couldn't stand injustice or even lesser unfairness of any kind. Seeing injustice and unfairness would drive me wild with outrage. I began to read subversive literature was I was all of ten years old.

By the time I was a young adult, being a Rebel was who I was. It was the part of me I took the most pride in. It was an expression of my courage. I was also kind of glamoured by the thought of being thought of as a bad ass.

For decades, I waited hopefully for people to wake up en masse and become Rebels, as I was. I was sure that would bring about The Revolution. And then it happened.  People began to wake from the coma of unknowing and the lethargy of apathy. "The Truth Movement" came into being. Video after video was made exposing corruption. People began to demonstrate en masse. I was filled with Hope. The Revolution would come about at last!

So, when I saw that rebellion was not having the desired effect, I was not only dismayed; I felt my Identity shaken to the core. All my Hopes were dashed as I saw businesspeople and politicians digging their heels in and keeping the rebellion at bay. I saw the desire to Revolution easily recuperated into something trendy and ineffectual. I saw that the "truth movement" was nothing more than an expression of latent anti-Semitism as exemplified in the "Occupy" movement, the name of which was a pot shot at Israel and I saw that the irony of the fact that they were already occupying "New York" and "Queensland" and "New Brunswick" was completely lost on them.

So, I asked God: Now what do I do? Give up? Just accept slavery and atrocities as part of Life? I can't do that!

Little by little the ability to see people in positions of wealth, power and influence seemingly immeasurably greater than my own as sad and frightened Souls began to bud in my heart. I came to be able to see that anyone who would vie for influence that desperately, beg for the attention of the public in the most outrageous ways, would steal from the indigent and make deals with any and all shady interests to get into power must be a Soul in dire straits. I began to see that the need to be recognized and influential, to be on as many people's minds as possible and to exert negative influence the lives of as many people as possible were all the behaviors of some terrible desperation. I saw that they had made deals and signed contracts that didn't allow them to back out and let the mantle fall. I saw they were trapped and caged. I began to pity them. Then, at a higher stage of awareness, I began to feel some twinges of real compassion for them. Later I felt genuine desire to help them out of the mire they were entangled in. At that point, I had passed the point of feeling pity, which is a state marred by the bitterness of feigned superiority. I could feel genuine Compassion for them. When I was able to do that, I realized something wonderful had happened – I was no longer living in reactive mode to them, as I had been for decades as a rebel. I was in fully proactive mode. I was not responding to their behavior. I was in full control of my mind and my emotions and interpreting their behavior in a state of free will, using my highest faculties. They were no longer my rulers. They were my wards and it was my duty to heal them. I understood that the captive relationship between what appears to be ruler and ruled is revealed at a higher level of moral awareness as our moral obligation to help Souls who are in desperate straits.