Friday, March 12, 2010

List of Stateless Minorities in Europe

Next time a European, or anyone else for that matter, starts flapping their lips and wagging their fingers at the Israelis about the Palestinian situation, give them this.

The person who sent it to me wrote: In response to somebody's comment about the Israeli/Palestinian situation, I've taken the liberty of compiling a list of indigenous ethnic and linguistic minorities in Europe who "do not" have a sovereign nation to call their own. I know that this list is only a fraction of the "stateless" societies in Europe.

Alsatian people (in Alsace-France)

Basque people (in France and Spain)

Breton people (in Brittany-France)... See More

Catalan people (in France and Spain)

Cornish people (in Cornwall-UK)

Corsican people (in Corsica)

Crimean Tatars (in Crimean Peninsula-Ukraine)

Faroese people (in Faroe Islands-Denmark)

Flemish people (in Flanders regions-Belgium, France, Netherlands)

Frisian people (in Frisian Islands-Netherlands and Germany)

Gagauz people (Gagauzia-Moldova, Romania, Turkey, and Balkan Peninsula)

Gajal people (East Thrace-Turkey; Balkan Peninsula countries)

Galician people (in Galicia-Spain)

Gorani people (mainly in Kosovo; some in Albania and Macedonia)

Hutsul people (in Carpathian Mountains region-Ukraine)

Inuit people (in Greenland-Denmark)

Kashubian people (in Pomerelia-Poland)

Lipka Tatars (mainly in Belarus, Lithuania, Poland)

Livonian people (Livonian Coast-Latvia)

Manx people (in Isle of Man)

Occitan people (in Occitania-France, Italy, Monaco, Spain)

Pomak people/Slavic Bulgarian Muslims (in the Balkans)

Roma Gypsies (mainly in Eastern Europe)

Romansh people (in Switzerland)

Rusyn people (mainly in the Balkans and Eastern Europe)

Saami people (in Lapland-Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russian Fed.)

Samogitian people (Samogitia region-Lithuania)

Sardinian people (in Sardinia-Italy)

Scottish people (in Scotland-UK)

Seto people (in Setomaa region-Estonia and Pskov Oblast-Russian Fed.)

Sicilian people (in Sicily-Italy)

Sorb people (in Lusatia-Germany)

Torbeš people/Slavic Macedonian Muslims (in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia)

Vlachs (mainly in the Balkans)

Võros people (in Võrumaa region-Estonia)

Walloon people (in Wallonia-Belgium)

Welsh people (in Wales-UK)

and 160-300 ethnic groups in the Russian Federation

He also wrote: "It's very hypocritical for Europe to excoriate countries like Israel when Europeans are engaging in imperialism in their own backyards. If mainstream European society can't even allow the groups I just mentioned any kind of sovereignty, then why are they so desperate to seek sovereignty for people, like the Palestinians, who have NOTHING to do with them. I think the situation is something that Israelis and Palestinians need to work on together and Europe needs to take care of situations taking place in their own continent."

Shall we compile a list for "the Americas" ?

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Review of Illuminati: The Cult that Hijacked the World by Henry Makow

Henry Makow mentions me in this book on pg 11. He did not ask me if I wanted to have my name associated with this book. Had he requested permission to include my name in the book and had he sent me a manuscript before publication, I would have refused. I am beyond abashed that my name has been associated with the claims that are in this book.

One's first hint that something is wrong about any book that purports to be the product of research that deals with the very real economic conspiracy that has gripped the world is that it refers to the elite as "Illuminati". This term is meant to mystify. Honest researchers call them simply what they are – rich and connected.

While I am the first to say that Lurianic "kabbalah" is destructive to the Jewish People, and I have the support of many illustrious Rabbis on this point; I do not for a moment think that the Lurianic system is the true Kabbalah and I know it is of foreign, particularly Gnostic origin.

Having said that, Lurianism is not nearly as black as Makow describes it. If it were, it could not have infiltrated Jewish culture.

Compared to the purity of our Torah, Lurianic Gnosticism is impure and it is forbidden for Jews to fill their minds with such things. But it is not Satanism. It is actually purer than many gentile mystical traditions, including Xianity and Hinduism. It is not the horror that Makow, who admits to being an assimilated Jew who is ignorant of our Tradition and believes in Yeshu, claims.

I never thought the day would come that I would defend Lurianism against attack. But the claims of Makow are so outrageous that it has to be said that while Lurianism is forbidden to Jews because it is retooled Gnosticism; it is not Satanism.

There are so many outrageous and outraging, unfounded, contradictory, and necessarily uncited, accusations about the Jews in this book that I can hardly list them. I am too deeply appalled to repeat so much as a sampling of them.

I couldn't even bring myself to read the whole book, which Makow sent to me only after I asked him for a copy. I did so because I was informed that my name was in the book. Makow did not so much as send me a complimentary copy without my requesting it. It was so galling, so revolting, so offensive, that having found my name in the book after flipping through it a few times; I put it aside.

Never have I considered burning a book before. This one may just be fuel for our next Lag Ba'Omer bonfire.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

That's Funny, They Don't Look Jewish

Suddenly all over Tzfat there are people dressed as ultra-Orthodox Jews - but they have platinum blond to gold blond hair, strikingly brilliant blue eyes and very Nordic features.

I have seen a lot of people dressed as Charedim who look entirely too Noridic for me to believe they are really Jewish.

And they don't look Jewish at all, except for the dress. If they weren't dressed that way, they would fit in perfectly in any Nordic country.

They speak Hebrew, but they broadcast FOREIGN ELEMENT.

Of course there are blond, blue-eyed Jews - but something about them looks Jewish, and *feels* Jewish.

These people that I am recently seeing around Tzfat radiate cold.

What they remind me of is that old movie Village of the Damned:

Of course, those movies being sci fi exaggerate matters and make them otherworldly.

But let's not forget the Lebensborn Program

The people that I'm now seeing in Tzfat look like they could be right out of that project.

Are they?

We know that a number of science fiction movies and shows were, and are, made that give hints about real research projects that are being conducted - they're just exaggerated to the point of being incredible.

Are we quite sure that we know all the reasons that the Lebensborn Project was conducted and what became of those children - and where they are?