Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who Are the Anti-Semites?

The following is a slightly edited excerpt of a mailing I received from Barry Chamish. His work needs to be tweaked, but there is some truth in the claims he makes. I adjust his writings to bring them into line with what seems to me to be true.

I do not accept his theory of "Sabbatians".

Hitler - Jews have mocked the contention that Hitler may have had close Jewish family ties until no less an authority as the History Channel, in a Jan./04 series on dictators, revealed that Hitler razed the Austrian town he was born in, "to destroy all hints of his Jewish father." Churchill - The essential fact about Winston Churchill is that his mother's father was Leonard Jerome (formerly Jacobson, 1818-1891) a speculator and business partner of August Belmont (nee Shoenberg 1813-1890), who was Rothschild's main American representative. Jennie Jerome's marriage to Randolph Churchill, the second son of the Duke of Marlborough appears to have been a marriage of convenience, typical of many unions between spendthrift English aristocrats and daughters of Jewish financiers. Franklin Delano Roosevelt - The Roosevelts were Jewish Dutch, arriving in NYC in 1682. The first American Roosevelt was Claes Rosenvelt who changed his name to Nicholas Roosevelt. FDR's mother, Sarah Delano, was descended from Sephardic Jews. FDR's primary advisors on the non-rescue of European Jews during the Holocaust were Max Warburg and Felix Frankfurter. The Warburg fortune financed the Russian Revolution and as revealed in Sydney Warburg's book, funded Hitler himself. As for Frankfurter, his family was a follower of Jacob Frank, the second "messiah" after Shabtai Tzvi, and, according to author Jerry Rabow, "United States Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter is reported to have received a copy of Eva Frank's portrait from his mother, a descendent of the Prague Frankist family."Joseph Stalin - The dictator, who was about to embark on a Holocaust of Russian Jews before he was assassinated, was born Joseph David Djugashvilli, meaning Son Of A Jew. His three wives and all his progeny were Jewish.Dwight Eisenhower - The war's liberating general and soon to be President's father was a Swedish Jew and was so identified in the West Point yearbook of 1915.

There are many, diverse sources which claim that both Hitler and Stalin are Rothschild bastards.

We are being undermined by Jews who have gone over to occultism and are destroying us from within.

The Jewish Problem

As you can see from the references below, the Rothschild family, most especially Jacob Rothschild, maintain an absolute monopoly over the control and direction of Jewish scholarship and Jewish policy worldwide. Their interests in all that pertain to the State of Israel in particular are reflected in their donation of the Knesset and Supreme Court buildings, the latter of which is infamous for the widespread Masonic symbolism integrated, part and parcel, into its architecture. That includes all of the streams of Judaism and all of the studies undertaken and policy decided by the various Jewish ethnic subgroups.

"Jacob Rothschild resigned from the family's bank NM Rothschilds in 1980, started RIT Capital Partners. He is chairman of Yad Hanadiv, the Rothschild foundation, chairs the Jewish Policy Research, dedicated to promoting issues affecting Jews worldwide."

I take exception to Jacob Rothschild being referred to as a "Kabbalist" on the above site, BTW. He does not learn Kabbalah. He learns and practices sorcery, which is proscribed absolutely by Torah.

"The Yad Hanadiv [which means Hand or Fund of the Generous Benefactor (choke)] and the Baracha Foundation [which means Foundation of the Blessing (splutter)] awards fellowships annually to scholars (who hold non-tenured university positions or who will not receive tenure within a set time frame) in Jewish studies. The purpose of the fellowships is "an effort to enhance the quality of courses, instruction and research in Jewish Studies in universities throughout the world ... Fellows will spend a year in
Israel, pursuing their research projects while participating in a structured programme in their field of study. The programme will include regular meetings with a senior scholar who will be selected in consultation with the Fellow and who will serve as an academic supervisor." Upon completion of the fellowship year, the Fellows will be required to confirm that upon completion of the academic year they will resume teaching Jewish studies, at a University abroad."

Rothschild serves as chairman of
Yad Hanadiv, the Rothschild foundation which built and handed over to the State of Israel the buildings for both the Knesset and the Supreme Court. He is also President of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, an organization dedicated to cooperation in research, analysis and policy planning on issues affecting Jewish life worldwide."[3]


"Yad Hanadiv and the Beracha Foundation are offering visiting fellowships in Jewish Studies for the academic year 1998-1999. Fellowships will be awarded to teachers of Judaic studies who hold non-tenured university positions, or who will have received tenure after September 1997. The Fellows will spend the academic year in Israel, working on their own research but also meeting regularly with a senior scholar in their field.
Fellows are required to confirm that upon completion of the fellowship they will resume teaching Jewish studies at a university abroad."

These include endowments for the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls – the only hope the Jewish people have of being able to compare that which is written in the Talmud with another contemporaneous source and thus know how to sort out what is true and what is untrue in the Talmud.

The studies of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been systematically distorted and stymied. Research on the Dead Sea Scrolls is routinely farmed out to pseudo-scholars who have neither the Hebrew proficiency nor the background in Jewish studies to be able to understand the Texts properly and often have an agenda of their own that is inimical to understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls properly.

I, for one, feel much more comfortable with the Judaism found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, that of the Tzdokkim (the Saducees) than in the Pharisaic Talmud and the Rabbinic tradition which is derived from it. The Judaism of HaYachad (meaning 'those who are unified', commonly known as the Essenes and the Dead Sea Sect) resembles the Judaism of the Talmud in many way. But there are also very important divergences – and those divergences are invariably more in keeping with the Torah than is the Judaism of the Pharisees, the latter of which HaYachad unequivocally stated that they considered filled with capitulation and distortion.

The Rothschilds do not want that Judaism getting out and being practiced because the dark side of the Kabbalah is based on that which is distorted in the Talmud.

And that is precisely why I do want it to get out and around. :0)

This is not to say that all that is taught in Judaism is distortion. The Jews have, despite the onslaught, managed to maintain a surprising degree of clarity and integrity and loyalty to the ancient way, but the infiltration of Judaism by those with nefarious intentions and purposes has most definitely been partially successful and has taken its toll.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Always Thought Orion Was an Unfitting Name

I always thought that the name The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Hebrew University was an odd name for a center devoted to precisely that subject. It hardly seemed a name that HaYachad (the Dead Sea Sect) would have approved of or a name that affords them their due respect.

I never felt comfortable with the fact that The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls embraced and funded the research of non-Jews, specifically Christians, who could not possibly have the background to be able to fathom what they were looking at and were clearly skewing the research, which was often conducted on translations of the fragments.

I found it odd that a representative of The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls contacted me some time ago and asked if they could integrate my research in some of their papers, but never offered to publish my work.

I always found it strange that the results of Emanuel Tov's research is published not in Israel, but by Oxford University Press and Brill Publishers.

Most of all, I wondered why the Dead Sea Scrolls were never afforded the respect they deserved and why The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls did nothing to educate the public concerning the authenticity of the Judaism propounded in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Why, I wondered again and again, was I the only voice calling in the wilderness asserting that HaYachad (The Dead Sea Sect) were practicing a form of Judaism far truer to the original than that of the Prushim (Pharisees) and that which is written about them in the Talmud is mendacious?

Recently, it all started to make sense.

I was searching for information about Emanuel Tov. I found that he received the following award: Warburg Award, Hebrew University - 1969–1971, inter alia.

"Hmmm...Warburg", thought I. "Might there be other "Illuminati" lurking in the shadows of Dead Sea Scroll research.

And, lo and behold, it was not long before I found this:

What is Yad HaNadiv?

It's this: Yad Hanadiv Fellowship

In an effort to enhance the quality of courses, instruction and research in Jewish Studies in universities throughout the world, a Visiting Fellowship programme has been established by Yad Hanadiv and the Beracha Foundation

Jacob Rothschild... serves as chairman of
Yad Hanadiv, the Rothschild foundation which built and handed over to the State of Israel the buildings for both the Knesset and the Supreme Court. He is also President of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, an organization dedicated to cooperation in research, analysis and policy planning on issues affecting Jewish life worldwide."[3]

We have seen in my article "The Supreme Masonic Temple of the State of Israel" just what the nature of the Supreme Court Building of the State of Israel is:

And similarly, my friends, they are employing their Craft to keep the Jewish truth from you and perpetuate Rabbinic Judaism, which is based on Pharisaic Judaism, because it is upon the distortions in that tradition (which is not to say that that tradition is all distortions) that Lurianic Kabbalah is based.

I cannot begin to express in words how serious a matter it is that "an organization dedicated to cooperation in research, analysis and policy planning on issues affecting Jewish life worldwide" is funded and administered by the Rothschild family.

Suffice it to say that so long as this is the case, that which is peddled as Judaism is Craft with a smattering of true Jewish principles in order to lend an air of credence to the heresies.

Please see my writings on the subject of HaYachad (the Essenes, The Dead Sea Sect):

Someone asked me why I find exception with the name Orion.

Orion was a hunter in Greek mythology. What could be less fitting to a group of peaceful Jewish mystics? HaYachad, the Essenes or Dead Sea Sect, were begun by a group of Cohenim or Priests. They had the collective memory of the Jews being persecuted by the Greeks and desecrating the Temple deep in their psyche. They recalled when the Greeks forced the Jews to translate Torah into Greek on pain of death for the entire community for refusing and they understood the cultural havoc that would wreak in the coming generations, as Hebrew cannot be properly translated into any other language. They knew that the non-Jewish world, not possessing Hebrew and the Oral Tradition, would go far afield attempting to "interpret" a Script they could not possibly understand correctly and that matters would only become worse as further translations were carried out based on the Greek.

The Aramaic word orian or term bar orian means 'one who is literate'.

Typical of the Rothschilds who put a spin on everything they equivocated between the Aramaic word 'orian' and Orion the hunter in Greek mythology.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Response to: "Ring of Power ILLUMINATI Bloodlines" Part 3 to 5

A discussion of the origin of the names of the Patriarchs in the Hebrew Bible begins in Part 3 and continues into part 5. I've recopied the link to Part 3 below.

My three short video responses are on the links below that of the documentary.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Monday, July 21, 2008

Just What Does the Hebrew Bible Say About the New Arcana?

I made some videos in the last couple of days that I'd like very much to share with you.

Since it is the case that people are basing a good deal of what they believe to be arcana or enlightened knowledge on translations of the Hebrew Bible, I thought it would helpful to elucidate just what it is that the Bible actually says in Hebrew.

I've made tinyURL links of those that were a mile long. The links that are manageable and unlikely to break I've left as it.

When Truth is PsyOp

Please see the following video-taped interview with David de Rothschild in order to understand what I'm responding to on the link that follows it.

Life Studies Conversations: David de Rothschild

I inadvertently mispronounced Icke's name the following video. I was gratefully corrected by a viewer. It is not a response to any of his videos in particular, but rather to some of his more popular assertions.

Response to David Icke

In the following instance I did respond to a specific video of Icke's. My response is contained in the two videos that follow his.

On Reptilians - David Icke at Avebury - May 1, 2007 (1 of 7)

If you think that someone you know might be interested in the information contained in those videos, please feel free to pass the links on.


Thursday, July 17, 2008


We received a water bill that seems completely impossible from PelegHaGalil, the new company that took over from Mekorot.

They claim that the two of us used 45 cubes of water during the 05-06/08period.

To give you an idea of how ridiculous that is, they also list our usagefor the past year.

It reads:
05-06/2007: 18 cubes
07-08/2007: 21 cubes
09-10/2007: 23 cubes
11-12/2007: 17 cubes
01-02/2008: 18 cubes
03-04/2008: 21 cubes
05-06/2008: 45 cubes (current bill). The bill is for 346.20 NIS.

I don't see how this is possible. We used more than twice the water we used one year ago during the sameperiod when our son was living at home and serving on a local base andcoming home to shower every day? We two, Daniel and I, used more than twice what we used during July and August 2007, when our son was still living at home? And I'm drinking bottled water!

We have the same washing machine since January 2008. So, that's not theproblem.I also use water judiciously in respect for the low level of theKenneret. I turn off the tap when I'm soaping dishes, and when I'msoaping or shampooing in the shower or soaping my hands when I washthem.How can this amount of usage be???

Has anyone else received a far-out bill or heard of anyone who has?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I too tried to reach Peleg by phone to no avail. The line is jammed.

Their web site does not open at all.

My Daughter said that she got a larger bill than makes sense to her too.

She told me this isn't the first time.

The last bill was also inordinate.

With the last bill she went to their office and she told me that the place was swamped with irate customers.

I, for one, do not intend to wait on line to tell them what they already evidently know very well for themselves.

I'm simply going to turn to consumer advocacy groups and have them investigated for widespread fraud.


I was in the post office the other day and *everyone* there who was paying their water bill said there were far out usages on their bills. I asked and even the tellers said their bills were crazy.

I have not yet paid my bill and won't do so without a nasty fight.

It doesn't matter what the meter says. The meter we have is new and it's easy enough to tune a meter to run twice as fast.

I am not talking about increased tariffs. I'm talking about usage that is impossible.

When someone who was not in the country gets a bill for twice what they usually get, that's fraud.

This company has to be put in their place and fast.

A collective legal kick in the rear end'll set their heads straight.


This water gauging seems to be an epidemic.

I urge you all to contact the following bodies:

You can serve a Complaint and ask for legal advice from the following body. I intend to try to get one of their lawyers involved, as this is so big.

The following is the fax number of The Israeli Council for Consumerism: 03- 6241035

This is their P.O. Box number: 20413

They are in Tel Aviv. The following is their zip code: 61203

I would also contact the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor - Department of Consumer Affairs.

Yitzchak Kimchi, Esq. is in charge. His number is: 02- 6662590

Also try his assistants at:

02- 6662593 and 02-6662596.

Here's another address for Consumer Complaints:

The site is in Hebrew, but they accept complaints in English.

They call themselves Public Trust in English.


Within twenty-four hours of sending them, I have been notified that my Complaints concerning Peleg HaGalil have been received, with appreciation for bringing the matter to their attention, and that the Complaints have been directed to the proper departments for examination and handling.

Please join me in registering your Complaints concerning Peleg HaGalil.

The time to fight is now, not when there will be a very severe water shortage and they'll have "excuses".

It is essential to the common welfare that Consumer Protection agencies are made aware of the fraud of this company.

We are facing a particularly severe water shortage. Widespread fraud like this would be despicable if it involved any commodity, but involving as it does water during so serious a water shortage, it is beneath contempt.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Only Eat Schwarma at Chima's If... want to be spoiled for life and never eat schwarma anywhere else ever again.

Summer is a time of celebration for the Dotan family.

I was in the neighborhood of Sh'arei HaIr today. So, I went into Chima, the new meat restaurant to check out the place. I was attracted by the variety of steaks and lamb they advertise, as that's what I enjoy, but they have many meat items on the menu to suit just about every ethnic taste.

I went in and said: I have a few reasons to celebrate coming up soon. So, I came to check out your restaurant.

The salad selection was absolutely fantastic - fresh, aesthetically pleasing and, unusual for Israel, original.

There are tables as well as a food bar.

The two plasma screens were kept low. I didn't find them at all intrusive. I even enjoyed a video of Rita as it was at a volume that would have allowed for easy conversation. As I'm not accustomed to watching TV, I'm usually sensitive to plasma screen interference.

I asked if they have a fish dish because I can get fish into Daniel a few times a year, but meat is totally out of the question.

Very politely, they said they don't, just meat.

I thanked them and explained that my Husband doesn't eat meat and I'll have to ask him if we go out if he'll be satisfied with a totally veggie dinner, which one can certainly make there from the salads, bread and side dishes easily.

I told them I'd ask my Husband about it.

As I was walking out the owner said:
.שיהיה לך במזל טוב. זה העיקר

It should be for luck and at an auspicious time for you. That's the important thing.

My eyes welled up with tears. As someone who grew up in the US, I'm still moved profoundly by the very many people in this country who consider someone else's welfare and happiness the most important thing, even if they lose business.

After I schlepped around a bit, I went back into Chima's and ordered schwarma. I figured, even if Daniel doesn't agree to go there for a formal sit-down dinner, at least I'll buy this from them.

The salads were beautiful. Their techina is rich and thick with fresh parsley decorating it. You couldn't get techina like that out of a squeeze bottle of you tried. Chima's techina is strictly for dolloping.

I took one bite of the schwarma and said: WOW! *This* is schwarma!

I have never, but never, had schwarma that remotely compares to Chima's.

I told them so as I was paying and they were so delighted and appreciative to receive a compliment for the obvious labor of love they put into that restaurant.

I told them: If this is what your schwarma is like, I can only imagine your steak.

I hope I can convince Daniel to go there with me. I sure would like to try their steak or lamb.