Friday, February 25, 2005


The message Jack wrote about Jane Fonda on the Yahoo! e-group "Galil Notice Board" has nothing to do with the Galil. But, heck, when did a rabble rouser ever consider propriety, time, place and appropriateness when rousing rabble? My response below does relate to the Galil directly.

I have read this too too emotionally stirring account to be entirely true entirely too many times. The emotional shock has long since worn off. Ultra right-wing, neo-Con, religious fanatics in the US post this all over the board to arouse the emotions they want to be aroused and they succeed to a large extent. They don't know when to stop, though, and they keep dragging out this same dog-eared "account" again and again. Yawn.

I have yet to see Ms. Fonda's response to this story. Somehow her version and/or response never appears together with this "account" when it is posted.

Here in Israel a parallel ultra right-wing, neo-Con, religious fanatic movement is growing to match that of the Christians in the States and the fanatic Muslims. Due to the actions of one of these people there are now operatives of the Shaba"k checking out Messianic movements in my home town of Tzfat. How sad this makes me. It gives me the creeps to think both that there may be really dangerous elements here in Tzfat, people who take out their impotent rage and emotional disturbance on politicians' cars) and that there is a need on the part of the Shaba"k to keep a presence here and monitor their activities.

We are being unindated with emotionally charged *propaganda*. I urge everyone to keep their emotions under control when they read posts that are obviously crafted to blast them out of their seats and do the homework to determine whether it is true or not, and to what extent.

There is a very takhlis negative outcome to Tzfat, all of Tzfat, as a result of the action of one of the ultra-right, neo-Con, stoned on chazarah b'teshuvah characters that populate Tzfat, the one who attacked Bibi's car and abused him verbally. Politicians have been warned by their advisors to stay away from Tzfat because they may be in danger here. When Yishai Maimon became Mayor we lost our direct line to the offices of Likud MKs. We lost untold revenues because there is no Mafda"l power base in the Knesset and the Likud had no particular sentiments for Maimon. Now the precious little funding that he was able to get might be lost because the MKs who came here no longer will.

Shabbat Shalom U'Mevurakh,
Doreen Ellen-Bell, Tzfat, Israel