Monday, January 26, 2009


Sundown 25 01 09

It's 25/01/09, 17:20 in Israel right now. I sat down an early dinner and saw a chemtrail right outside my window. That was about 20-25 minutes ago. Then I saw the plane turn around and create another chemtrail.

My Husband saw it too and called me to tell me about it.

The plane circled around for a third time, a chemtrail continuously behind it.

There has been almost no rain in Israel this winter, maybe three days of intermittent rain. We are in a *severe* drought.
I live not too far from the Sea of Galilee. They spray in this area quite often.
I have photos.

I also saw two black helicopters fly past my window. I took photos of them too.


I've uploaded some of the photos of the chemtrails and black helicopters that I took yesterday evening on my Yahoo! groups Loosen the Fetters of Injustice and Voice of the Turtldove.

The last time I saw odd clouds in the sky a camouflage (sp?)-colored helicopter passed my window twice, but the trail was clearly not emitting from the helicopter. Same yesterday with the two black helicopters.

Note they did it just at sunset. So, the full effects of the chemtrails couldn't be seen.

The last squiggly line was the last one I saw before the sky got too dark to photograph it.

Notice the sky didn't get black, but a weird grey.

Today the sky is totally overcast and it is a bleak and dreary day - but not a drop of rain. We've had *a lot* of days like this. By all rights, it should rain, but it doesn't.

There's no rain forecasted till Thursday and it's happened many times that rain was forecasted, but never came.

Israel is building desalination plants, but I understand they won't be ready for some two years.

Dan said he saw chemtrails in the sky again this morning (26 01 09) at 7:30.

This is the first time I've ever seen them make so many fly-overs.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Thursday, January 22, 2009

?טובעים בחשבונות מים "פלג הגליל" הגואים
"הגשת תביעה נגד חברת המים"פלג הגליל
דורין אלן בל-דותן, צפת

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lodging a Claim Against the Peleg HaGalil Water Company

You have just recently, or will soon be, receiving another water bill. If you are like us, your meter will once again show an impossibly large water use.

Please be advised that we have reported "Peleg HaGalil" to the police in Tzfat for fraud and, in our case, abuse of physically reduced and disabled people.

Another woman who called me told me that she reported them to the fraud division in Chaifa.

One of the phone calls we received was from the owner of the heated pool in Tzfat. He said his water bill was beyond belief. He told me that other businesses in the industrial area of Tzfat also said they received far-out bills.

We would recommend that anyone who feels physically and/or emotionally harmed from their fraudulent and strong-arm threats to turn off our water if we don't pay their extortion prices do the same.

The policeman I (Doreen) spoke with told me to go to the Court Building, right next to the Police station, and ask for a Claim form from Small Claims.

Doreen did and we are in the process of preparing that suit now.

Instructions as to how to lodge a small Claim are to be found here:

No lawyer is necessary. Small Claims are up to 30,000 NIS. You will need to know the name of an individual to sue. The name of the company is not enough. The name of the CEO of "Peleg HaGalil"is Amos Rudin.

Claims must be made in Hebrew. If you'll require translation services, please contact us.

We have placed two ads in the local paper, "Chadash B'Galil", encouraging the public to take action against "Peleg HaGalil". The second one will come out this Friday, B"H.

Since placing the first ad, we have received many calls from every area of Tzfat, both from private individuals and owners of businesses.

We encourage you to put in a Claim against "Peleg HaGalil" if you feel you have been charged unreasonable water usage. Every Claim and Complaint at the Police Department strengthens the others.

We are intentionally not organizing the Claims into one group claim. We want to make cheating the public as expensive and difficult for "Peleg HaGalil" as possible. We want them to have to pay for individual suits. That's a lot of lawyer time.

Another avenue of recourse is to turn to the TV Program "Uvdah". They investigate fraudulent business practices of these kinds of companies ("Ta'agidim") and do exposes.

A multi-pronged approach against "Peleg HaGalil" is called for. They have proven to be obdurate in their determination to threaten us with cutting off our water supply if we do not pay their outrageous bills.

This extortion will continue, and escalate, if we do not take action as a Community.

Ilan Schochat, the new Mayor of Tzfat, has been made aware of this horrific company that Yishai Maimon brought in and we have been made to understand that he is sympathetic to the public.

Daniel and Doreen Dotan, Tzfat

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ofra Haza (1957-2000), of blessed memory

She used her world fame to investigate and try to make known what happened to the Yemenite children who disappeared in Israel and paid the ultimate price.

Shimon Peres took a liking to her when she was young, started and affair with her and sponsored her career.When she began to investigate what happened to the Yemenite children, he got scared because he knew that she was famous and powerful and loved generally. She thus was even more dangerous to him than Rabbi Uzi Meshulum.He had her killed. Some say it was her own husband who was the hitman. I don't know. I do know he also died an untimely death.


Saturday, January 03, 2009

Zionism and Herzl - The Anti-Semitic Side of Zionism

This is one of the most important videos about Israel made to date.

The translation is superb.

If you are not familiar with it; please watch this stunning documentary, based on documentation, in its entirety.

This video blew my mind.

I thought I knew how anti-Semitic the anti-Semitic side of Zionism is. I hadn't even waded into the sewer.

In order to be balanced, it must be realized that Orthodoxy has been infiltrated and is profoundly infected with occultism.

The irony is, the same people who are responsible for the infiltration and infection of Judaism with occultism, are the very same people who own and operate the Zionists, who claim, mendaciously, to base their anti-Orthodoxy on those very distortions.

In fact, the real target is the kernel of true Judaism that remains, miraculously, despite the onslaught over the ages.

My guess is that it's the Vatican that's behind and choreographing the various onslaughts on us.