Friday, February 20, 2015

MEMORIES are Alive

Experiences and Memories are living beings. They are the level of Life of which the Botanical Kingdom is the expression. To be Alive is to exist in a Present, in a Now – in any Present, in any Now, no matter how constrictively or expansively one chooses to define the terms Present and Now. These statements may be counter-intuitive. Directly below this post, I have already posted the Hebrew proofs which bear these statements out as a post called
הזכרון החי

As the level of Life upon which Experiences and Memories exist is the Botanical Kingdom, it is not only permissible to conceive Life  with our closest Family members, as well as with lovers and strangers, it is necessarily the case and absolutely kosher.

Experiences and Memories are seeds which are implanted in our Consciousness and which grow to flowering and fruition in the best possible Season. Until the conditions are most supportive for the flowering of our memories, they remain in a preconscious or subconscious state. When a memory arises in our minds and becomes conscious, it is because something in that Here and Now supports the Life form that memory will take. As the conditions become more and more favorable, the memory will "pop up" in our minds more and more.

It is perfectly acceptable to say: This is not the most favorable time for the flowering and fruition of this Experience. I will allow it to become a Memory, where it will exist as a seedling until such time as the conditions are best. When the Season is right, I will allow that Experiences, which now exists as a Memory, to blossom.

 It is perfectly OK to say: This Memory was conceived as an Experience and I accept it as my Child, but I am too young myself to care for it properly. It is perfectly OK to say: This Experience was conceived in pain that I am not strong enough to handle now. I will allow this Experience to become a Memory until such time as I am strong enough to handle the pain. It is perfectly OK to say: The Experience occurred but I am too indigent experientially and/or emotionally and/or materially to allow for the fullest expression of this Memory. I will store it in the Silo of my Memory until I can care for it.

It is not OK to say: I hate the People with whom this Experience was conceived. I will not allow this Experience to exist within me as a Memory. I will burn it to death with the fury of my anger. I will dissolve it in my acerbic bitterness. I will freeze it to death by depriving it of all warmth. I will kill it with thirst by subject it to the aridity of ignoring it.

Know assuredly that the murder of Memories will express itself on the more pronounced levels of Life as the murder of Living beings that exist in bodies.

It is OK to encapsulate our painful Experiences. Some of the Memories in which they exist have sharp structures that keep them protected. So, they need to be encapsulated and stored safely in our subconscious until such time as We, or even our Descendants, can provide them with maximal conditions for growth. But let us not be cruel with our Memories.