Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thai Bar Restaurant, Tzfat

We wanted to have something a bit different for Shabbat so I ordered food from Thai Bar.

I went for the "deal" that they offered – receiving a portion of noodles with vegetables for buying two main courses, at 42 NIS each, a la carte.

The entire bill, for the three of us, came to 168.70 NIS including the "deal" and side dishes that we ordered.

It was not until I had completed my order that the man who took my order told me that the 30% off that they give on Fridays was not effective because of the "deal".

As a result, I paid about 28 NIS more than had I not believed they were offering the public a "deal" and just went with the regular 30% off.

The "Pagoda" restaurant in Tiberius is kosher is a beautiful restaurant on the Sea of the Galilee. The food is absolutely delicious and artistically presented. I never thought twice about the price, because the food is so nicely prepared and presented in a lovely, relaxing ambience.

I am told that there is a very good, kosher, reasonably-priced Thai restaurant in the new mall in Carmiel as well, but I have never been there.

I would suggest that you go to either of those restaurants if you enjoy a good meal and like to feel that your money has been well-spent.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a meal that is a perfect balance of uninspired food, grit in unwashed vegetables, a 42 NIS a la carte portion of "lemon chicken" that turns out to be nothing more than schnitzel cut into strips with a side of sauce that doesn't resemble lemon and the feeling of having been totally ripped off, then there is a restaurant for you – Thai Bar in the She'arei HaIr Mall in Tzfat.

Before writing this notice to the public I called Thai Bar. I spoke to a waitress and told her why I was dissatisfied. She told me that one of the managers would be in touch with me. No one called. Their generalized disdain for the public is expressed in so-so food at exorbitant prices, "deals" that turn out to be rip-offs and a too-bad-if-you-don't-like-it attitude.

This restaurant deserves a moon – not a star.

Doreen Dotan, Tzfat